YCH operates a large 50m tall Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS) facility sitting on approximately 111,500 sqft land area, which stores both fast-moving or long-term storage goods. The facility runs on natural ventilation and there are currently no humidity and temperature regulators at the facility. However, there are sensors for both parameters installed. Temperature in the ASRS can go up to 35ºC on a hot day and relative humidity can reach 90% on rainy days. Prolonged exposure to moisture and warmth may cause degradation of carton boxes and require more pest control activities. Additionally, the control of temperature and moisture will enable a greater variety of goods to be stored in the ASRS, which utilises space more efficiently than most conventional warehouse.

Hence, an innovative solution is sought to keep the temperature of the ASRS at 25ºC and the relative humidity below 70%, while keeping energy consumption to a minimum. This solution need not apply to the entire ASRS and can be applied at a pallet level or zonal level instead, to allow temperature and moisture-sensitive goods to be stored in the ASRS.

The solution should preferably not require modifications to the ASRS racks, and also minimise loading to the racks and structure. Due to the high precision moving parts within the ASRS, the solution should not introduce high vibration nor obstruct the paths of moving cranes and pallets. The solution should be energy and cost efficient. Air conditioning the entire facility drives up installation and operation costs, as well as introduces high carbon footprint and high structural loading on the facility. Standalone coolers and huge fans are not preferred as well.

Due to the complex operations of the ASRS, applicants are required to attend the technical briefing cum site visit to gain a better understanding of the challenge statement. Applicants that do not participate in the site visit are not eligible to submit a proposal for this Challenge Statement.


  • Temperature should be maintained at 25ºC and relative humidity below 70%. Ideal temperature is 25ºC(+/-2 ºC) and humidity is 65-70%.
  • There should be minimal modification to the racking, and impact to the operation of the ASRS.
  • ASRS machine sensitivity must be maintained (example: vibration to the ASRS sensor may result in misalignment).
  • Compliance to structural standards according to prevailing regulations, and with both fire and building code regulations (as the ASRS is a rack-supported facility).
  • Compliance with BCA Green Mark Platinum criteria.
  • Solution will eventually require acceptance/approval by the ASRS supplier.
  • Proposals are encouraged to include information on any proof-of-concept (POC)/minimum viable product MVP that is non-sensitive.
  • Applicant should indicate estimated commercial price of solution, cost of operation/maintenance and cost-benefit analysis of the solution in the proposal.

Besides addressing the above requirements, the proposed solution should also fulfil the following criteria:

  • Not be readily or commercially available in the market.
  • Wherever applicable, aim to:
    • Enhance safety of operations; and/or
    • Reduce reliance of manpower; and/or
    • Improve quality, consistency and service delivery; and/or
    • Achieve cost-effectiveness; and/or
    • Improve efficiency/productivity.

Development Timeframe

Prototype development should take around 6 – 9 months, followed by 3 months of monitoring and stabilising period. Based on the solution proposed, applicant should indicate a reasonable scale of prototype to be test-bedded (e.g. pallet or zonal level).

Additional Info

YCH can provide temperature and humidity readings using existing sensors installed in the ASRS. Guided access to the ASRS and on-site test-bedding of solution are allowed. YCH will provide office space at the Supply Chain City to the selected applicant(s) for the duration of the project. Depending on the solution proposed, YCH may provide co-funding support for POC as well.


Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge 2019


YCH Group

Proposal submissions are open from 2 Jan 2020 12:00AM to 14 Feb 2020 12:00AM